Last masters track session: race in 5 days!


I knew track Cycling wouldn’t be easy, but today my idea of what is hard was raised to a whole new level. They need beds in the centre of the track, not chairs!

I was introduced today to ‘pursuiters cough’ and the feeling that you really don’t have another ounce of energy at all.

We practiced the 500m TT and 2000m individual pursuits today, actual race distance for everyone. The plus is you get a big rest, the minus is the big rest still isn’t enough! I am entered for both so perfect time to find out how it feels. The 500m went ok. I am still really crap at starts but my faster laps are getting a wee bit better. I managed a 20sec lap (in the team pursuit, I was the last rider), and another sub 21 sec lap (in the IP) which is an improvement on last week. I still give away about 3 seconds on the starting lap though. Frustrating.

My IP wasn’t as well timed as last week, there was a band playing right next to my start line on the back straight. I couldn’t hear the caller’s times at all till lap 4, by then it was too late. Oh well, at least I now know what a badly paced 2000m feels like! I knew at the time, well, by lap 5 anyway.

But jeez my lungs hurt. For hours and hours afterwards. I was greeted by another rider as I was lying on the ground trying not to vomit ‘welcome to the pain of individual pursuit’.

I think I need to practice starts. Lots and lots.

I am flipping glad the IP is my second and last race on Sunday morning!

First race – 500m TT on Friday evening.

I am using my triathlon TT helmet – I need all the help I can get, and I don’t have TT bars yet!

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!!

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