Gaining perspective: seeing the small steps


it’s easy even for me to lose sight of the small steps of progress because you are too focused on the grand goal.

I went to the track today. I do it every week at this time. It’s sometimes a lottery who else is there. Last week I found myself wanting to pass the group of riders. This week I decided there were no riders at my pace so I would do my own thing.

When I set off the main group were almost a lap ahead. I circulated for a while and before long realised I could now see them across the track. I must be gaining. So a continued to focus on circulating at a good solid pace. This high effort was lasting a lot longer than I expected. Still, I persisted and before long I caught them, and decided why stop there, so I also passed them, all 7 of them. It took almost a lap to get past them all while riding up above the blue. I continued, wondering if I could pull out 1/2 a lap advantage. I didn’t realise one rider came with me. I tried to shake him but it was too late, I was spent.

Still, I was also pretty impressed with myself.

So after a short break I did it all again. This time i also focussed on staying on the black line and not taking the bends wide. Wow! It wasn’t long ago when I was cursing people who did that to me. It wasn’t long ago since I was those riders, many on ILT borrowed bikes just like I started out.

A rider I know who was racing later gave me an idea for next time. Ride round on the blue line and see if you can keep up with or get ahead of them: a challenge because up there it is so much further round. Might try that next week!

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