Land of confusion!


I know I am a bit behind but this daily prompt rang true with me a the moment: name a time when you felt out of place. Easy. Every time I rock up to track masters training and share my session with a bunch of NZ champions!

I have been down to watch the elite racing a couple of times this week. This is a photo of Southland’s Scully, who won the last race this evening, to take the Oceana Gold: the 30km points race, 120 laps!

I compare it to my first ever triathlon. I was petrified. I could only just swim, I had a mountain bike it bought dead cheap, and, well, anyone can run… Sort of. But I have changed the goal posts! Track cycling is something you only see on TV. I still can’t believe I am throwing myself into this at times, but at the same time, I am on a mini mission to firstly, complete a track race, then to get off the inevitable last place position that I expect to be in.

Bear in mind that I had the same goal in triathlon, and look where that led to!

Small steps, Mel. Small steps.

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