Practise makes perfect?

quotesRepetition at a new skill will make it an unconscious addition to your repertoire, eventually. You knew that? I need to keep reminding myself of that when I decided to switch to rowing and track cycling! Its easy to launch yourself at something with gusto, and then after a while, get dejected because your incredibly high goals are taking a while longer than you had hoped. 

Do not forget the small steps that you are taking on the way to your grand goal. I make notes, I write blogs, I re-read them. That way I remember what good has been done, specially on a bad day! 

I ache today. I am not sure why today is different. I also felt rather naffed off. A triathlete is a lean mean racing machine. A rower and a track cyclist are sprint muscle machines that come with a different physique completely. That is taking some adjusting on my part, let me tell you! 

Focus, when learning a skill, is two fold. Sometimes, you need to block out all the surrounding details and focus on one small detail, in order to get it right. In my case, I have had to tune out of all the surrounding details, the sculls, the water, looking around, so I can internalise and attempt to master the actual skill of sculling in the first place. 

I think I am getting there. How do I know? Today, for the first time, I was able to talk back to the coach, in the seat in front of me while also sculling, I was able to notice peripheral vision details without completely losing the technique of it all. That means that I am on the path to accomplishing the skill, because it no longer requires 100% of my attention and focus simply to execute it! 

So, what skill are you learning? What technique are you working on that you often think you are getting nowhere with? Look back, and find the small steps that you have taken so far, that you perhaps omitted to notice. 

Now pat yourself on the back for your brilliant success!



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