Sculling Sunday


Today has been a busy day. It started at the rowing club, 8:30am and off we went in a quad. Mill pond like water. We went up the river this time, it’s been a while since I went that way. I had two coaches and a lady I hadn’t met before in the boat. She is from England too.

They asked did I know her! This sparked a conversation about how many hundreds of people say ‘oh you’re from England, do you know Bob!?’ Erm. No. It doesn’t work like that! Then we laughed about what would happen if the question was reversed and a a Kiwi abroad found an other person from South Island. If they asked the same question, ‘oh, you’re from South Island, do you know Bob?’ The likelihood was they would actually know Bob!

Anyway, back to the rowing, or rather, sculling. It’s hard to know when there’s four, which wobbles are your fault, but there was one thing for sure, it was either me or Jen most likely! I am feeling a lot better about sculling, when it concentrate I can now manage quite well. It’s not second nature just yet, and funny things happen if my focus wanes for even a moment!

I guess it’s the swimmer in me (which reminds me I really must get back to that) my arms and shoulders are always fine, it’s the ham strings that feel it after a while on the water. Perhaps rowing will do my cycling some good!

20131117-213746.jpgIt was day two of the festival of speed in the velodrome too. Some of the terms that they use in the masters training on Sunday are coming to light. It’s good to actually see the races play out on the track, done by people who know what they are doing! I have watched track cycling many times, but I am now seeing it with fresh eyes. Every day is a new learning experience!

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