Track cycling, track racing, spinning the legs


It’s really a fabulous thing to be able to sit in a velodrome, a local one at that, front row right by the start line, and watch elite track cyclists riding round on a track that you regularly ride on too!

It is the festival of speed this weekend, a ‘track cycling spectacular’ ahead of the Oceana champs next week, also here in the velodrome. It seems odd to share a training venue with such high class athletes, I see the squad here regularly.

I have been working my butt off this week on the turbo. It seems odd spending so much time indoors. But my mission is to try and get my legs spinning like they do. I can confirm it is flipping hard work! I am back on the Sufferfest, speed intervals. I have been ignoring the gears, sitting in a middle gear and spinning spinning spinning to try and get the leg speed up. At the start of the week, I was struggling to manage 100 RPM for my intervals.

20131116-230655.jpgToday I managed 115-125 RPM for 5 of my 1minute intervals. That’s still not as fast as the legs of some of those elite riders but I managed to vary my speed from 12MPH to 25MPH staying in one gear. I was pretty impressed! Small steps, but all in the right direction!

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