Sport, fun, sport, no time for real work!

image I am having such a blast right now, so much to do, to learn, to get involve in. It’s interesting how my schedule has changed. Now we live out of town, I am trying as I have mentioned before, to work towards having my own work out room, so I can climb out of bed and into there without much effort or time involved!

Time is of the essence, if I am to get everything in that I want to get done! I have a lovely garden, live in a lovely area and have no neighbours at all, it’s bliss. I can sit in the garden with a cuppa after a turbo session, and enjoy the scenery before I have to go to work. It’s important to me now to enjoy life more, life is so short. Such a contrast from life in the UK where training was squeezed in at 100mph between work and sleep.

I try and keep some time free each day, I think its important. Monday evening we went rowing. I went in a double sculls with a lady coach, my first proper session in a double. We ended up with a racing double! It’s really quite different. It becomes immediately obvious what you are doing wrong, the boat pitches and wobbles a lot more and simply shifting in your seat or losing grip of a scull can tip you overboard In a double. I was able to feel the water way more, was very aware of how my oar placement in the water affected the balance, and in fact a little bit of how to try and correct that to stabilise the boat. It’s not anywhere near as obvious in a big quad, a wider boat that’s a lot more stable.

Today I was at the velodrome. I am beginning to get to know more of the serious riders from attending master squad training on Sundays. Today they began to give me grief about how I should try some racing, which happens after my session on a Tuesday evening. Jeez I don’t know. I don’t feel ready. They tell me it’s the best way to learn, but I am really not sure.

I still have odd wheels on the bike and I have been a bit worried about my front wheel tyre slipping. I have cleaned it, was told to scuff it up, bit being a tyre that has been on a road wheel I thought it would be ok. Then there’s me. I could be the problem. I am nervous, I ride different,am more tense. I sit up more on the track, rather than leaning in. All this could contribute to the tyre slipping on the wood. So today I attacked with bravado and pretend gusto. It seemed a lot better. Perhaps it’s (my) mind over matter! I get the back wheel back this week, then the bike will look the biz. I also need to switch the gear and attempt the 94 combo. It’s on an 88 at the moment. I wonder what bigger will be like?!

should I throw myself into track racing to learn or should I wait till I think I will be more ready? I don’t know what to do. I am still trying to get my head to remember that to go faster I need to move my legs faster! It’s quite a different aerobic experience cycling with a really high cadence. Simple speed seems like so much effort like this!

Should I wait, or should I race? What do you think?

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