Track masters training: Kirin and starts!


This is one of the most intimidating sessions I subject myself to. I know before I get there I cannot complete the sessions, I am the slowest and the most inexperienced. It will get better, right?!

The ‘warm up’ session always leaves me feeling like I want to leave. As usual, they motor round and past me, and there is no way I can catch the back of that train. I am left to lap it alone at my own pace.

I was pleased to discover that, as the picture shows, it was starts that we were doing today. However, I have a new bike, the front tyre is not at all good on the wood and keeps slipping, I end up taking the wheel off and pinching an ILT bike wheel. We had to do rolling starts to begin with, which involved riding diagonally up the track on the straight, and diving down off the fence on the start line. It took me a while to convince myself that was possible without falling off.

Then it was gated starts. Now that is a lot harder than it looks. I simply couldn’t get the powerful start that the pro’s make look so easy (and Erin, who’d back from the masters world champs withe a medal haul!). I also cannot decide which foot it’s best to start off with. The jury is still out on that one for me.

Then we practiced the first few laps of the Kirin. We were all lined up on the start line, a held start. I was in no. 1 and I was meant to get on the wheel of the bike, while everyone else tried to stop me by getting there first. Eeeck! So, the bike came past, I tried my best, and no 2 got the jump in front of me, there were two other bikes behind. Although her sprint got her in ahead of me, I wasn’t for letting anyone else in, so I stayed tight to her wheel. They both ended up at the back! and I was told I did the right thing! and did well!

Second one, and no I am in no 6 position, OMG more work to d from way up there. The bike goes past, I try my best, I see two from lower down get in front. I’m high on the banking as I look down and see a huge gap. A half bike length means I can push in, it’s more, so I dive down into the gap. I have just gone from 6th to 3rd, and Two others who sprinted high round the bend, end up at the back… Wow! I am calling it beginners luck!

All I need now is leg speed. Spin spin spin is what I need to practice. Lots learned, lots still to learn.

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