Indoor rower workouts to kill


I had not considered indoor rowing (or an erg, as they call it here) as a tough training programme till I joined he rowing club. Man, I come way with tired legs! So, I went looking for a few brutal workouts to share.

1: the brutal

You simply hold a 1:28 split until it slips for three continous strokes then the piece is done with.

You get five minutes rest and repeat. The process is continued until you cannot get the monitor to show a 1:28 for one stroke.

If this is done honestly there are few greater tortures to be found spinning a wheel. Substitute your 2k split goal for 1:28 and your good to go. Or as Dan puts it, just pull 1:28 for 2k and your rowing future is set.

2: the doosie

6 x 2:30 min./erg

Every piece is flat out, 34-38 SPM, at or above 2K pace, with 5 min rest. You are expected to be sub 2K for the entire workout. (This comes from the German Men’s Heavy 8+ training program of 1995-6) 2:30 is too short to cruise and too long to row it like a 500…so it’s 800-850 meters of pain.

3: the test


15 minutes rest between the first two, 10 between the 6k and 2k, 5 between the 2k and 1k and another 5 between the 1k and the 500.

4: Vertical Death

10 flights of stairs all-out, then back down and start again you start at the bottom on 4-minute centers, time is measured on the way up, so if you take :45, that’s added to your time, and you have 3:15 to get back down and start again.

You do it 6 times, and get a composite score. Anyone not barfing by the third run isn’t going hard enough.

5: happy hour horror

with a partner: 1-2-3-2-3-2-4-2-3-2-3-2-1
your partner’s time is your rest
all pieces are flat-out, no ratings cap or pacing
all meters are recorded
what a way to end winter training


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