Rowing in the early morning…


Doesn’t always fill me with thrills, when it’s still only spring and still quite chilly early in the morning, specially if its a clear sky.

But, with a week’s work that has all but cancelled everything else in my life, it was actually nice to make it onto the water for the first time this week.

We went out in a coxless four, Mark and I in the middle, and the coach at the rear, another experienced rower at the front (which to me is the back, because she is seated behind everyone else, but is at the front of the boat, because it actually travels in reverse to the way we are facing!) We did a lot more rowing today with all four of us, which we haven’t done to date. Usually there is at least one of us using flat still oars to steady the boat while the drills involved the other three rowers. I am beginning to realise exactly what the impact is if I pull through wrong, bury one oar too deep, or whatever minor mistakes that I might make. It doesn’t half rock things, which I guess isn’t surprising in such a shallow boat. At times, the rock recreated by either me or Mark really was quite a freaky, and unnerving. Still, I need to get used to it, the only way to learn is practice practice practice!

The current was fast, river high, fast flow today, due to all the rains in recent days. I underestimated what that meant till, after proceeding downstream for quite a while, we turned to head back, it felt like a brick wall! It takes a lot of concentration when you are still learning, and when you’re having to work a wee bit harder against the current, it makes it all the more challenging.


The first regatta is in two weeks, I do hope that we do ok, don’t muck up or topple the boat in! Still, early morning training leaves a full day free for other stuff, like the Riverton show and cool cars, and bikes, like this one!

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