Not running a running race!


You notice all sorts of things about how other people tackle a running event, when you are not supposed to be running. Although I am not allowed to run any more, I had paid for the whole series before hand, so I feel compelled to not waste my money!

My friend wasn’t there this week, so it was over to me. I decided to mooch along at an ok speed, no sweat, felt fine, didn’t care who was where. On the first lap I passed some, was passed by some, started to notice the run/ walkers sprinting past me, then walking till I caught up. The second lap separated them from me though, as I continued on my mooch, they began to fall behind, walk more and run less. On the last stretch of the home straight I still felt hunky dory, no pain at all. I had no idea at all what pace I was doing, I deliberately left the watch at home.

When I crossed the line, the clock suggested that I might have roughly covered the course in 10 minute mile pace. To be honest, instead of my distress of the first week at figures like this, I actually was relatively impressed. My husband asked me would I be able to cover a marathon at that speed? And reminded me that would be roughly a 2:10 half marathon. The whole event felt effortless. It was also, more importantly, painless. This might obviously be because I have, for all intents and purposes, stopped running all together. It also might mean that I have a modest speed threshold if I want to look after the knee.

However, all this aside, I proved the tortoise and hare theory at least! many of those keen beans running off into the distance ended up behind me by the end of lap two!

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