Row, row, row yer boat!

IMG_6878Finally managed day two on the river, and another millpond day it was. Due to other events on, there were less masters rowers there this time, so OH and I went in a fours boat, with one other guy who was coaching us (one seat remained empty). It was another beautiful day on the river, not like Wednesday when it was blowing a gale, and therefore called off! 

We headed the opposite way up the river this time, this picture is the shoreline in front of the boar house where we get in. 


In the absence of the wet shoes, which remain un-located, in a box somewhere, the vibrams are proving very useful! 

The pattern of drills was the same as before, rowing, just arms, then adding legs, then adding one person, then rest, and so on. This time we didn’t have the stabilisers, it didn’t worry me to be honest, although the boat did sway more if you moved around in your seated position. 

I’m starting to get the idea of the crossed over oars, no new injuries or skin off the knuckles today, which is a good sign! I am also adding in ‘feathering’ which is where you twist the oars between strokes, so that you can keep them closer to the water’s surface. I can do it as long as I am concentrating, the trouble comes if I am asked a question or get distracted for a millisecond! 

We switched seats mid way through the session, and I was then seated in the middle, instead of the front, to give me practice at following someone else’s oar. Takes a wee bit of a knack, but if I focussed on the sound the seat sliding made, and used that for timing, instead of looking at something else, I found it helped me to not mess up my own stroke as much!

Only two sessions down, plenty to go! Dave the coach said there’s a regatta next weekend and there’s a novice pairs race. You know what I’m thinking don’t you?! The question is, will Mr Mel agree to join me as the other oarsman!? 😉

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