Rowing club day 1: buns of steel!


This is definitely what I feel like I might have very soon, if I keep the rowing up!

I was looking forward to this, following the open day visit a the weekend. I had the feeling though, that we would be thrown straight out on the water, and we were, in a boat rather like this one! They gave us stabilisers (which helped the boat balance, and enabled the cox to stand up and lean over / coach us without the fear of falling in.) He said it was a once only opportunity and we would be ‘on our own’ next time!

I was in the lead seat, which freaked me out a bit because it meant I was setting the oar speed, and had no one to follow. As usual, I was told I was setting off far too fast! What, this isn’t a race!? 😉 There’s a skill to sculling that I am yet to master. Meanwhile the slight deliberate overlap of oars I will continue to misjudge for a while at least, meanwhile I will continue to lose skin off my knuckles!

One small thing I hadn’t realised, that I have been getting wrong on rowing machines for a long time now: you pull with your legs, and don’t use the arms (keep them fully straight) till the legs are fully straight. I’m pretty sure I have been getting that wrong for years, I thought you did both at once. Then there’s the ‘feathering.’ That’s when they turn the oars flat to the water between strokes. Jeez that’s a knack, get it wrong and your oar dives into the water and you are almost pulled overboard!

Although I am pretty sure that I will know it, given time, for now, it’s the butt / legs that that felt it most, rather than the shoulders. We were out for a good hour, and even though it was early evenings and I had two layers on, I worked up a sweat.

Can’t wait for the next one (and the vibrams came in useful too as boat shoes)!

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