New horizons ahead: ship ahoy!


Cast aside every day stresses and look around, and here in Southland there’s a multitude of outdoor things to turn your hand to. I am already loving the easy access to the velodrome and a 50m pool, but when a flyer arrived in my mailbox for the local rowing club, another small light was lit in the back of my brain.

I decided to go down to their open day today and take a look.

I immediately thought I had made a mistake. The room was full of children, and their parents. The president talked about the club regattas, and how parents could come too. It instantly seemed that I was simply too old. Perhaps my anticipation had been all misguided. I almost left again. I was persuaded to go and talk to someone at least, before I went.

It seems that rowing does have a masters section, and you become a ‘master’ at the age of 27. Well that didn’t seem too fair! I was taken to see the boats in the boat shed, pretty impressive in size and in number! The 8 seater had to be taken apart into two pieces to fit into the boat shed! I was allowed to get into a training machine (fixed section of boat, with oars, so you can be shown the technique before you get on the water). The technique will take a bit of getting used to and seemed strange without water resistance but it was great fun.

I have a phone contact, a day and a time and I can’t wait to get back down there and give this a go!

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