Running, biking and sunshiny evenings


I am beginning to feel a bit more in control. It’s taken me a long time, and the recent knock on the head setback isn’t too much fun, but I am looking forwards and recording the small steps back on the path to where I want to be.

The new schedule in my house means that I am back to getting up early, and completing a training session before I go to work. Well, OH gets up and is out to work by 5:30am so I might as well, so I can maximise the time I have spare! and also maximise the time that I can spend with him too. I know I used to, but it’s taken me a while to get back to that. Funny enough, it’s My husband that keeps suggesting it, when I was actually worried about always being out training while he sits and waits.

20130926-184423.jpg He is a very tolerant sort, but the loss of mum has made me realise how short life is, and how important it is to spend time with loved ones, while you can. To that end, I am enjoying the lighter mornings and being able to, within a very short time, be right in the countryside, either on foot on on the bike.

On a day that I get home from work in good time, like today, I can be out on the bike and back again before he arrives home from work.

I am enjoying being back into training, and the good news is this weeks visit to the gym didn’t cripple me in pain like last week! I am also enjoying being able to spend time doing other things, which means that I also get up really early at weekends too, so I can keep the days free to do other things.

Will have to make the most of this while I can, I know that track training starts soon on Sunday afternoons, something that I need to do if I want to keep the track team spot in my sights.

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