DOMS, track riding and clip pedals galore!


I’m making a huge effort this week, to get my training somewhere near to back on track. I restored by gym membership, and have gone back to strength training. Once my poor tired weak jelly like muscles remember what it is they used to do, I will progress back to free weights, and the Olympic bar, but for now I’m sticking with machines, till the DOMS subsides!

The possibilities in this gym are endless, I notice some more pretty cool equipment each time I visit! There are three huge steps, perfect for plyometrics, weights machines that appointed add weights to rather than cable pull, a full range of kettle bells, to name just a few. I even noticed the machines count your reps for you!

So, meanwhile, I went back to the track. I was rather excited and lucky to now have the loan of a track bike from a friend, so now I can use the clip shoes. It makes a huge difference! No more bouncy butt, I can now use ALL my leg muscles when in pedal rather than strapping my trainers in! But, I have lost fitness and speed, it was hard work! There’s only one solution for that, get your butt out there and just do it! It won’t be long before I can once again keep up with the group.

I checked out the local running clubs too. That is a huge thing for me, as running clubs fill me with fear! I am a solitary runner. Sadly though (or maybe fortunately!) their sessions clash with the track.

imageInitially, the track is a priority. I want to be fit enough to do the club champs, then get on the track team for the track champs.

Small steps forwards are the best ones.

Hopefully my arm will grow back to waterproof soon, and I can get back to swimming too!

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