Mild Traumatic Brain Injury


I have talked about this before, and sadly, due to misfortune, I am back blogging about it again. It’s ok, that’s life, and I will keep looking forwards knowing I can do this.

Unexpectedly I had a call from BBC three counties radio.

They were asking would I be on their show talking about my head injury in 2011. Sure thing. If it raises a wee bit of awareness then I don’t mind at all.

The most frustrating thing is still the thought that because I physically looked ok, I must be ok. Not always the case with a head injury. A hidden illness, that people often underestimate.

I read back my head injury blogs. It is quite startling. I am glad I wrote them at the time, it shows how frightening head injuries can be. Oh, and did I mention, I went to China, 8 weeks to the day after the accident. And…. I was 17th, my best placing in a World Champs, ever!

Here is the interview, pretty impressed considering I was on a Skype call from New Zealand!

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