Starting from scratch


That’s exactly how I felt today at the end of my run. I should have turned off the garmin because the stats just depressed me. When I got back in, my husband asked how it went. When I told him my words of wisdom (!) he said ‘you have a head injury. You haven’t trained properly for months. You probably are.’

When I was inking about it later, I realised that I am not starting from scratch after all.

Starting from scratch is running to the end of the street and feeling exhausted, managing a mile in around 15 minutes, with several stops, and needing a sit down before you do the second mile. That’s what starting from scratch is. I know, because in the beginning I DID start from scratch. I am not at the beginning. I managed a 3 mile run, I didn’t die, fall over or need to sit down during that time. Therefore things aren’t as bad as I thought.

Earlier in the week, I felt like I could begin to get back to it. By Thursday I hit exhaustion and realised I was rushing this head injury faster than I should be. So, take two, listen to the body. I took Friday off to recover, and today managed an easy bike and an easy run. Baby steps ensure progress instead of further injury. 🙂

Life isn’t fair, but there isn’t anything we can do about that, other than do the best with what we have got.

4 Comments on “Starting from scratch

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  2. Hi Mel- You’ve had a run of bad luck (to put it mildly) lately but it’s so good to see you getting more positive again. I too have had to cope with an injury and with not being able to do my first ultra event (which was supposed to mark my 60th birthday year) as I had a bad fall while out running (alone) in the mountains and dislocated my shoulder. After 5 months I’m back running again and training for my rescheduled first ultra next year. I’ll never get 100% movement and range back in my shoulder but I’m doggedly doing swimming and strength training and getting my off-road confidence back. Don’t give up your triathlon dreams… you’ll regret it later. Little by little you’ll get your mojo back, just be patient (and not being the most patient of people I know how hard that is!!). All the very best and keep blogging! Jill

    • Thanks Jill that’s such a lovely comment. I do hope that you are ok, and the shoulder behaves, it must have been scary at the time. I will keep moving forward, step by step, and I am on a ‘postaday 2013’ mission so I will definitely keep blogging! 🙂


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