Head injury week 2: concussion assessment

 Its funny being subject to another head injury. Funny peculiar not haha!

I know what to expect, I know not to get stressed, and in part I know how to deal with it too. Mostly.

It’s always surprising though, to see the list of things that COULD be attributed to a head injury. Many are also in a stand alone situation, perfectly normal, till you put them in a list and call it a mild traumatic brain injury.


I hadn’t really noticed it much till this week. That’s probably because I am also trying to add some simple training. Yesterday I had a long day that ended with the school ball. This morning I was so so tired, and struggled to get up and do anything. By 7pm I’m exhausted today. That’s not normal.


This is so frustrating. I still have an app for that from last time, lists apps. I know I am forgetting simple things. I sometimes even know that someone told me the answer to the question I am asking a few minutes ago, but I still can’t remember it. I forget stupid things, and my observation sharpness isn’t all that. I didn’t notice that a student was missing and was say outside. That’s pretty major in special needs.


I am not as balanced as I normally am. I get emotional faster, I get angry faster, I am much more irritable. My rosé tinted glasses are a bit fogged up.


Seems an everyday thing, but as a complete non-sufferer of headaches I’m not liking this bit much.


This is much better than last week, but I am still having issues:

  • When I bend down or exert myself. I think it’s blood pressure and pulse related
  • when I make any sudden head movements or suddenly exert myself, like sprint to the end of the path.
  • If I have to think a lot or concentrate a lot
  • focussing on things for a long time

I remember this all from last time. It was no fun then either.

I underestimated how it has effected me. I am suffering from the same problem as everyone else around me: ‘you look like you have recovered well’ which I also remember from last time.

Brain injury is hard to deal with. You look ok, you can’t see it, so people tend to forget its there.

Would it help if I wore a bandage on my head as a visual reminder?

I have this little exercise to do. It looks dead simple but I can’t do t very fast at all without feeling dizzy. It’s interesting because here in New Zealand they have a much more multi disciplinary approach to tacking concussion. I wasn’t given any exercises last time, I was monitored and tested by a psychologist.

What’s next?

Waiting for an appointment with the Occupational therapist. 🙂

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