A brand new day: here’s to the future goals.


I have said this a few times, but to a has been a new, interesting day. Today is the start of my restructure.

Because we are still a one car family, I have to get up at 5:30am each day to take my other half to work, as of this week. I used to get up at this time every day, as standard. It was once normal to do one pre breakfast training session and one pre tea session per day. I haven’t done that for quite some time. But, now I am forced to, so have decided that today is the day that I start to make a change, back to what used to be normality.

20130917-214807.jpg I started the day with a run. I need to get back to the on the feet miles again, before I start adding in speed. To that end, today’s run was at an easy pace. I decided to add in a semi-pace mile in the middle. Things are looking up, I can now see the bandstand when I run past. Not long ago it was pitch dark at 6:15am.

I was hoping to go on a bunch ride, but work got in the way and I wouldn’t have got there in time. So I decided to do a turbo session too, while watching the Tour of Britain.

A few days to get back into things and I’ll start adding in speed again.

Still no swimming, due to the elbow wound. So I think I will go back to strength training in the short term, I need to get that back too anyway.

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