Mike Piper: tackling cancer


Mike is a hard man to slow down. He has run 103 marathons, 62 of those in under 3 hours. He has retired from international running now to focus full time on beating cancer.

His latest operation was 7.5 hours, where the to grafts from his leg and screwed titanium plates into his skull. They weren’t sure if they got it all.

Las month he found two more carcinomas. That means more radiotherapy and more surgery.

Despite all this he still radiates humour. After is first surgery, his youngest daughter wrote him a letter:
10 things to remember after your operation.

  • Your name is Mike. It rhymes with Bike.
  • You have false teeth, don’t forget to put them in
  • Your wife is Joy. Don’t ever call her Joyce, or Eileen, or sing ‘come on Eileen’
  • You have two children (that we know of)
  • You like to run. You used to run marathons. Your daughter Jane is faster than you. She has whipped your butt
  • You like to read the paper. Buy cheap Internet fares to any destination. Watch cricket, ea Eskimo lollies eat ice cream and pretend to sleep
  • Your first child a a calculator
  • Your second child is called Jane. She is amazing. She is good looking, smart and you have agreed to give your future lottery winnings to her.
  • When bored you will obsessively mow lawns and cut non existent hedges. The psych department may like to investigate this as a possible complex for not hang enough air on your head.
  • The former ten facts are the truth and most important things to remember after your op. I hope your memory grows back and your wrinkles disappear
  • Mr Piper simply calls cancer ‘another one of life’s challenges. It’s a big game and affects a number of people. but I have got 32 years to go yet, I’m going to live till I’m 100’

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