Weekly photo challenge: inside


Perfect weekly photo challenge as here is where I visited today. :

It’s interesting how a simple perspective difference makes the world seem completely different.

Normally, I would say the ‘wide angle view’ is the best one, where you would feel more at ease, and the narrow and leg usually indicates stress.

BUT: when can a narrower perspective be a benefit?

  • To block out other competitors, enable you to focus on YOU and thus reduce stress
  • To focus on one element of your technique and help improve it
  • To enable you to, without distractions, achieve your goal, whatever it might be.
  • In this bunker (situated on bluff hill, NZ) they deliberately focus their vision on a narrow field, which helps them stay focused on incoming enemy, and radio to the other station defences further up the hill.

    I think sometimes a narrow focus helps us to focus o the small steps of today, rather than wing overwhelmed by the grand goal.

    It’s always useful to be able to climb out of that bunker when you need to, and also see the grand picture as well.

    It’s your choice.

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