I’ve made a decision…


I won’t pipe on about my awful year, you are probably sick of hearing about that. Several times in the last months, I have considered quitting triathlon. I am not living in a triathlon vibrant part of the world right now, and I am not feeling all that positive a lot of the time. When I wallow my thoughts to get away from me, it feels like an Everest to get back to world champs level fitness. I said I would do it, but I seriously doubted at times whether this was a realistic goal.

Then I watched London.

Leading up to this race, I was truly devastated to not be there. Then I wondered if I would ever have qualified anyway. Then I wondered if I wanted to subject my life to that level of pressure again. Life revolving around sport, training, eating, days off, all the holidays being to triathlon destinations.

Then I thought about all the amazing places I have been that I wouldn’t have otherwise got to visit. The Great Wall of China, is enough! I have been to Southern Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Australia, New Zealand (way before I ever considered living here!) to name but a few. I should count myself lucky.

I look at the goal ahead, and wondered if my body would even do that. My run has really suffered at the hands of the knee op, the surgeon really put me off running, saying I would need a knee replacement soon.

Can I live my life of maybes? No. Definitely not.

Should I convert to cycling? Maybe, but, open the lens wider and what do I see? A way of making my cycling leg of the triathlon even stronger still. It can only be an advantage, right? Rowing, wouldn’t that improve my swimming? Perhaps. So many new opportunities that I could really make work for me.

I lost the path. The light was shown to me again today when. Watched the world champs, live from my sofa in New Zealand. Friends said how strange it was that I wasn’t there. Too true.

Today is the day. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today is the day that I make a pact with myself. I will do kinloch, I will give it my all, and if that is enough for me to get onto team NZ, then I will go to Canada.

If all that happens, can be proud that. Will have represented not one, but two nations, at international level.


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