Hurty elbow Thursday


The nurse said to me ‘you’re going to have a scar, you know’. Erm, yeah. I kinda guessed that when I saw how much tar seal was in there, thanks all the same!

Good news today, it’s not infected like she first thought. That was determined after she dressed it and caked it in iodine paste for 48 hours. Ouch!! I asked when I could swim- after the weekend she thinks, possibly even now. Fabulous! As for running- I jogged to the gate today to talk to a driver dropping a student off- hmm, mistake I think at the moment.

The head spins in the morning most. Or when I turn suddenly, look up, shake my head, dry my hair and so on. The unexpected dizzy episodes are abating a bit more, which is good. I have done two reasonably easy turbo sessions and they went well, but the darned wound is right where I want to lean on the tri bar, which is a pain (literally!).

I think I will try an easy outdoor ride at the weekend. The bike has been resurrected, all I need now is a lid. Who knows which of my many stacked boxes in the garage the spare is in!

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