What does the future hold? Whatever you want it to!


Great daily prompt. I decided that I needed to take part!

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

Another roller coaster road of reinvention

Sums it up nicely I think.

Who’d have thought, when I crossed the finish line in last year’s world triathlon championships, that the same time a year later, I would be in such a contrasting position.

  • Knee operation, news of future knee replacement
  • Sudden loss of mum
  • Bike crash and another case of concussion
  • Emigration and all the financial stress that causes
  • Is that enough to be going along with?!

    It’s fair to as I have hit rock bottom quite a number of times. I still face the fact that I

  • I no longer like in a sprint triathlon part of the world
  • I now live in a cycling centre of the world
  • The knee still causes me major issues with running but doesn’t with cycling
  • Is that my reinvention right there? What will the future hold for me? The road back to fitness feels like a mountain at the moment, not helped by the head injury which puts be back to ground zero again. I feel like the place to start is cycling, and I feel really really excited to have a velodrome nearby. One sport to focus on for a while may help me set some personal goals for myself, that I can achieve one step at a time.

    The qualifier is February for team NZ, and is on North Island. I HOPE to go, but for now, my focus is the track, getting on team Southland, and being able to afford my own track bike.

    Exciting times ahead, I hope.

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