Happy Birthday Mum

20130910-172214.jpg Dear Mum,

I bought you a bouquet of flowers today, as I always do for your birthday. Unfortunately though, where you currently reside isn’t somewhere I can send them to, so I am looking after them for you here. They are beautiful, I hope you can see them from where you are.

Not a day goes past when I don’t think about you. The words of your last card are always close to me. I mentioned them in your Ulegy, I will mention them again.

Remember I am always near, no matter how far apart we are.

Since we last spoke, I have some good news. We are moving into our own home in a month or so. A garden with space for chickens and a training room for me! We even have plenty of room to have Dad over for as long as he likes. You would love it, I wish you could have visited.

Today Mark was offered a job too. Similar to the work he did in Weetabix, but with wood now, instead! It’s all coming together slowly, Mum. Mark is looking after me, just like he promised you he would, and we are all looking after Dad for you too.

I hope you are happy where you are, and I hope you can still see us, and watch over us. I still feel you close to me.

Happy birthday mum, and RIP.

Lots of love,

Melanie xx

2 Comments on “Happy Birthday Mum

    • You are a lovely lady and am certain your Mum is looking down on you and is so proud of all you have done, I love reading about your life in N.Z.

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