Photo challenge: an unusual point of view

20130908-193834.jpgI thought I would go with a slightly different angle to this photo challenge: let me explain.

I suppose coastal erosion is nothing unusual. But it’s how the Kiwis deal with it that makes this unusual. We were driving along a coastal village access road. This road is a loop road, it joins up to the main highway at both ends. The sea, as you can tell in the photo, is eroding the road, and the coast all along this small stretch. There are a few half baked rocks cast to the side of the road, but other than that, not a whole lot of effort going on. this is normal. In New Zealand, an earth quake may cause half the road to fall away. Its ok, throw some cones out and we can carry on as normal. What will happen when the road is gone? They will probably get into the village through the access road at the other end. No sweat!

Its amazing, how ‘in their stride’ everything comes. In the UK, we would be throwing up huge coastal defences and talk at length about reclaiming the land, and so on.

Not a word of that nature here!

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