Head injury day 5


The headaches have been escalating. On Wednesday the nurofen didn’t take the headache away at all. So I went back to A&E. another check confirmed that its ok, nothing major, just the joys of concussion.

I am struggling with what I find to be very uncommon blinding headaches, and unpredictable dizziness. The hip is feeling less brick wall like, now the bruising is coming out.

I keep reassuring myself that its ok, it could (and was in the past) much worse. Someone asked was I scared of going back riding / racing? No, I got the dreaded first crash out of the way nice and early!

Am I worried about missing training? No. It’s Important to be patient and heal well. So, with that in The elbow is a right royal pain in the butt. you don’t realise how much you lean on that part of your arm, till you cant! And, you become very elbow protective and paranoid of anyone standing on your right side, when you have stitches that still hurt a lot!

Mind, I’m not in a hurry to get back to road racing just yet! First I need to walk in a straight line and not get up feeling sea sick each morning!

This is the hand I was dealt, look forward and not back. I will make me stronger, I’m sure of it.

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