Head injury: day 3


I didn’t go to work yesterday. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about going today either. I keep waking up to find the room is spinning, its not nice being on your own involuntary roller coaster.

The bike went to the shop yesterday to be assessed. There’s too much damage, in effect its an insurance write off. I am not impressed at all. Gutted in fact. Added to the problem, its a British built bike with no distributed of the parts here in New Zealand, meaning it would cost even more to build it back like for like, for insurance purposes.

So, on to plan B. I have asked the bike shop to reassess it on a ‘get it back on the rod’ proviso. Fingers crossed that its affordable.

Meanwhile, there’s me.

I went to work today, perhaps I shouldn’t have. There is no ‘light duties’ in a special needs school. I warned the students of my injuries, but there’s a limit to how effective that will be. I just hope nothing untoward happens. I don’t quite feel like I’m there. Just not as sharp as usual. I don’t have the usual eyes on the back of my head, don’t have the same memory or reactions.

I tried a little ‘jog’ a few strides yesterday. Wow, what a mistake, that hurt! I still feel like I have run full pelt into a wall sideways!

The elbow and the headache are the things that are debilitating me the most. I am firmly against taking pills, I believe pain is for a reason, but I have even resorted to taking pills. You know the injury will take a while to heal when the doctor who stitched you said there was too much skin missing to get the sides to meet!

I just wish the spinning would stop, so I can get on with some light training! At least the track is closed next week, that buys me a little bit of time, I suppose.

2 Comments on “Head injury: day 3

  1. Dizziness sounds like Labyrinthitis! I had it after breaking my back a few years ago.

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