The morning after the head injury

31 Aug race offWell, its over 24 hours since I came home from hospital, and I am pleased to report that it isn’t as bad as I had feared.

Last time I was constantly violently dizzy and I couldn’t see straight. That went on for weeks.

This time, no where near that bad. I don’t always see the dizzy spells coming, and that means sometimes I wobble, but I kinda know what to expect, so I’m not as freaked out as last time.

Memory of the accident

Immediately after the crash I was telling people what had happened. I don’t remember that as clearly now. I remember the events that led up to the crash, I can see the rider hit my wheel, I can see me going over, then I lose a wee bit of time, till. A seated in the road facing the other way, yelling!

After looking at the damage to my bike, I can only assume there was a pile up, because its much more damaged than it would be if I had crashed on my own. Gravel rash is sorer and more extensive when you’re going in a straight line at speed!

The next day

The hip is really sore, it hurts to walk. I don’t feel too hot, I feel kinda groggy, dizzy on and off, not much appetite. Eating makes me feel queasy. The elbow kept me awake a lot of the night, after the local anaesthetic wore off and EVERYTHING catching it made me want to scream.

The shoulder still hasn’t got skin on it properly so I am limited to climacool light tops in the hope that they will make it less likely to stick to me.

My neck is real sore in all the muscles down the sides of your throat. I feel like I have whiplash, which I suppose is possible.

I’m kinda worried about work to be honest. The students I work with have their own set of troubles, and you need to have your wits about you. To be honest, I haven’t got my wits at all at the moment!

The bike will need to be looked at. Well, there’s no rush. I won’t be riding it for a while will I?!

The helmet

Broken helmetAs for the helmet, once again, the helmet saved my head from something much much worse, a cracked skull at the very least.

There never was any doubt in my mind that the helmet saved me last time. It’s gone and done it again.

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