Chocolate is good for the brain…


Chocolate is a strange and powerful food. The ancient Aztec and Maya cultures both included it in religious ceremonies. Through history chocolate, or the cacao bean has been used for money, religious offerings, icons, aphrodisiacs and health remedies.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was actually true- chocolate WAS good for you?

Medical research behind this theory

  • When the brain does not get enough oxygen and nutrients from the blood, the nerve cells could die, thus declining the brains function. If we could improve blood flow to the brain, we could prevent cognitive decline.
  • Previous research has shown chocolate could improve circulation

The test

60 older people took part. Half consumed two cups of hot chocolate every day for 30 days. It seemed to work! Brain function was improved in those taking chocolate by more than 10%.


They aren’t quite sure. Researchers thought flavonoids were the reason but when they isolated them too, it didn’t seem to prove anything.

The mystery continues, but for now there’s proof: chocolate improves brain function! I don’t think that gives us licence to eat what we like though!!

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