Body image: not just a female issue

20130812-212421.jpgVery Interesting that I spotted this discussion in the local paper today.

We always assume body image is a woman thing. But not necessarily. Guys are just as susceptible to magazine cover models as girls are.

The difference is that the male mind begins to revolve around the gym, how big they are, did they miss a session. Many are under the illusion that that next weights session will be the one that defines them like the male model in the press. In a country, a world where obesity is a rising problem, there’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on your health, if its kept within reasonable levels.

A health retention can easily turn into an obsession, and before long you’re setting the alarm to get up for a protein shake at 2am!

We challenge perceptions of what’s normal and attractive, the health consequences and seeing how they compromise quality of life.

Warning signs

  • Frequent checking in the mirror
  • Asking for reassurance – am I big enough?
  • Exercising more than 90 mins a day with no specific goal or race
  • Poor self esteem
  • Over focus on regimen- eating certain things at certain times, getting the workout in
  • Striving for impossible goals

Be comfortable in the body you have and work on the things that CAN be improved.

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