Relaxing theraputic training


I know the title sounds odd but truly I rediscovered this very thing today.

I always used to say running was therapeutic. Today I think I hit a epiphany.

For years now my life has revolved around training. Training for races, for championships, getting up early, training after work, weekends, training training training. Today I realised quite by accident that I actually liked NOT having that for a while.

I was sitting on the turbo, watching and completing a Sufferfest video and cursing how unfit I felt. I was due to track cycle today but couldn’t And was mean to run home afterwards. All this meant that after this turbo I would have to go out and run. I decided to go in the opposite direction up the street, I hadn’t been that way before. I was running along looking at the houses, the grassy spaces, the architecture, thinking about how I actually DO like living here in Invercargill and perhaps I will start to feel less stressed as time passed. I realised that I was actually enjoying the training. It wasnt a curse, a chore, something that needed to be fitted in around life. I was doing it because I wanted to. I didn’t have to, but I was doing it anyway.

Suddenly I realised that for the time being at least, the focus wasn’t on training and racing it was on LIFE. Enjoying simply living, spending time with my husband and getting to know y new job, town, friends and country.

That made me think of the brilliant NIKE advert in the film ‘what women want’. It is so right.

Train because you WANT TO, not because you have to.

Have a great week.

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