Round and round we go: back to the track

trackI remember clearly how I felt the first time I walked into the velodrome and saw the slanted track corners. I kinda felt that nervous again. It’s been a whole 6 weeks since I was last there. The track cycling race season seems to be launching and I felt fear and dread!

I’m still on an ILT borrowed generic bike, only two of which have an 89 gear. If I don’t get one of those two, I haven’t a cat in yells chance of getting anywhere her up to the right speed! Even with one, its a struggle!

I decided I was just going to have a roll around. Locally that means something quite different to what I intended! I was mooching, doing my own business, and a smaller group of cyclists came past, working as a group of 4. They didn’t fly past, so I put in an effort to get onto the back of them, and managed it without much effort. A steady pace round for 25 mins or so, working as a group, taking the front for around 4 laps each on average and I was a lot happier than I expected to be!

After I took a break and got back onto the track the group had grown and the butt that I was now following was a little more erratic than I expected. It’s hard closely following the wheel of someone you don’t know, and the erratic pace made me nervous, I had to get out. I was almost crashing into the wheel on the corners and struggling to keep up on the straights. You can’t just stick your brakes on, because you ain’t got any on a track bike!

All in all, not as bad as I thought considering the length of the break. Feeling better than expected.

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