Small steps are the best ones.


I’m having a tough time. I was meant to start training again this week. Realistically I have done a couple of runs and a swim. 

Realistically, I haven’t felt lower than I do right now. 

What keeps me going?

That speech I made, the Ulegy I wrote and read to Mum. I promised her that I would reinvent myself again. 

I couldn’t face the track this week. I only got off the plane last week, and to be honest, it has taken till round about today, for MOST of my house to emerge from under the 180 boxes that came off my container ship. I spent 4 months wishing it was here, and when it did, I wished it wasn’t. We do that a lot, don’t we? 

I have gotten so far out of a routine, perhaps I need to give myself a break. After all, it takes up to two weeks to recover properly from jet-lag  so they say. I went to the pool the other day. The first time in 2 months I think. I thought it would be horrid. It was OK. We spend so much time complaining that we are too this, too that. I know I am more unfit than I have been for a very long time. BUT, as Mum reminded me, I have reinvented myself before. I am NOT the least fit that I have ever been. That was back in 2004, before I bought a bike, before I learned to run. Then, I WAS unfit. Now, I am just a bit out of shape, that’s all. 

Each step out to do training is a step closer back to fitness. Like I ALWAYS tell everyone, small steps are the best ones. 

I THINK I have dug the turbo out of a box. Tomorrow I will start with that. I have missed the turbo. 


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