Slim, trim and win? Jodie Stimpson and Chris Froome

imageThere’s a someone factor in the two major sports news stories to strike my interest this year so far: Lean mean = winning machine!

Jodie Stimpson

I have met and spoken to Jodie a number of times on the GB circuit. She’s a really lovely, down to earth friendly person, and she is also a true fighter. It cannot be ignored: she’s been about on the triathlon circuit a while, striking results inside and outside the top ten.

20130722-102348.jpgThis year she struck gold: literally. She hit a first race win, and successive podiums on the ITU race circuit. What have people noticed about her?

Here she is a few years back, now I wouldn’t say she was at all in any way carrying excess weight here, mind you!

20130722-102354.jpg And here she is taking her recent race win. There’s a noticeable difference in her weight for sure. I also read that she now spends a LOT more time in the gym. Lots of you gym work was something a previous strength and conditioning coach of mine always swore by.

Obviously this isn’t the only thing, Jodie has also, as usual, put in you good old hard work too, I expect!

Chris Froome

Poor Chris has taken a lot of flack these past weeks, probably due to the scandals within cycling and the years of undetected doping. I suppose we can thank Lance Armstrong? Anyway, look at Chris too.


Here is Chris in 2010.

20130722-102916.jpgAnd here is Chris winning the Tour de France today. Again, a noticeable difference.

I know that there is always. Margin in elite racing that is WAY above anything that we can ever hope for in age group and amateur sport, but we cannot ignore it. In both instances, these heroic, inspirational athletes have it seems, attributed at least a small portion to their continued rising success to their bod composition.

Make no mistake, they all put in pure good old determined hard work, but perhaps we underestimate the effect it could have on us, if we trimmed a few more inches of body fat on the lead up to and during race season?

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