The downfall of Dr Dukan


It was with interest that I read a recent article in the paper about Pierre Dukan, pioneer of the famous Dukan diet, that made him millions. In a recent French report, he has been labelled as deceitful and unethical.

Despite being able to clock up the duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s mother and sister Pippa, Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Jenkins and French president Francois Hollande as some of his ‘clients’ a recent survey revealed that 35% regain the weight they lost within 1 year, and 80% gain it within 5 years.

There is no evidence behind this diet at all. It works by restricting foods, calories and portion control. Cutting out food groups and eating an imbalanced diet is highly unadvisable and potentially dangerous to health. In 2011 it was voted the year’s worst diet by the British medical association.

The dangers to health

In 1971 a French woman was in the press because she suffered heart valve damage, as a long term effect from the Dukan diet.

Last year it emerged that Ashley Harrison, a 50 year old British advertising company boss was left in a coma after trying the Dukan diet.

Long term demise

The 72 year old Dukan has been censured by France’s medical board for ‘breaching ethical regulations’ by prescribing mediator, an amphetamine based drug believed to have killed up to 1800 people in France, to a patient who wanted to lose weight. He was given a fine and a temporary suspension from the medical register at the time, but denied all charges. The ruling said he prescribed a hugely controversial drug outside its recommended use in treating overweight diabetics, and performed insufficient tests and follow up checks. He also lied about the time frame and the patients medical history.

Mediator, which is banned in the UK and USA was also banned in France in 2009.

After a large volume of complaints against him, Dukan struck himself off the medical register last year.

How do you really lose weight?

Simple, eat sensible balanced meals that are proportionate to the exercise that you do.

Sounds easy? It is! No fads, no ‘diets’, no silly rules, simple good common sense. Want to know more? Then visit our success stories page to see what we do, and contact us to find out about how we can help you.

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