Ankle issues on the run


I have had issues with my ankle recently since my recent knee operation. I asked Emma my coach to look at it and she found that one of the lateral ankle ligaments had been ruptured (an old injury) and suggested that was partly the problem. The solution is strengthening, both of the ankle muscles and my stability on that foot. When I run the inside ankle swells up. I have been battling wi solutions to this. When I was off running for a month (due to personal issues) the ankle returned to normal. Within one run, it had swollen again.

I have been looking for ways to help ease the pain in running whilst minimising swelling, so. Can continue training.

Initial I was desperate, I bought an ankle support from the local chemist. It helped a little bit for sure.

While waiting for taping suggestions from Emma, I searched for a solution. I found this one.

I ran with that, and for around 30 minutes it was ok, before the ache started. The swelling was no worse afterwards. That was better than just the ankle support from the chemist.

Then Emma sent this suggestion.

I will let you know how this one goes.

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