Research proves you CAN retrain how you think


This article in the Daily Mail is the closest I have seen so far to proof that NLP works. Know it doesn’t say that specifically, but it does in fact state that with simple mental exercises it is in fact possible to retain the way you think.

Training the brain to look for the positives, see things in perspective and, in effect, design and grow your own ‘rosé tinted glasses’ is what NLP is all about.

When I was first introduced to NLP it was as a throw away offer made by my massage therapist the night before a world championships race. In one session I was able to turn my whole thinking around. for example, I was no longer seeing each event throughout the run element of my race as a defeatist event, but as something that I can l learn from to make me faster. I pulled out a 4 minute PB that day, and I attribute most of that success to my altered and more positive mind set.

That alone is why I went on to study and practice NLP. It is such a powerful tool, no weird techniques, just the simple use of language to make the way that you think even more effective.

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