Training tips for cycling speed


I found this great little article in the Guardian, a selection of training sessions selected by too coaches and athletes. here is Tim Don’s cycling session suggestion.

Session name: “Medium, Moderate, Mad”

Selected by: Tim Don, 2006 world champion, two–time Olympian

Summarised in a sentence: “This bike favourite of mine will get you used to pedalling at pace.”

1. Warm up with 20 minutes’ gentle spinning. When your legs are loose, you’re ready to begin.

2. Ride for two minutes at your race pace, followed by two minutes of gentle recovery. Repeat that sequence three to five times, depending on your fitness and the time you have to train. (If you’re not sure what your race pace is, it’s simple to work out – it’s the speed you could maintain for the duration of your event. For Olympic distance triathletes, it’s the pace you could ride for 40km; for sprint racers, it’s the pace you could ride over 20km.)

3. Cycle at easy pace for five minutes. Then ride for one minute at 10%–15% above race pace, take a minute of gentle pedalling as recovery and repeat three to five times. (So if your race pace is 20kmph, go at 22 or 23kmph; if it’s 30kmph, go at 33–35kmph).

4. Cycle at easy pace for five minutes. Then hit it as fast as you can for 30 seconds – flat out – cruise for 30 seconds, and repeat three to five times. Stand up in the pedals for the first 15 of those sprinting seconds; drop back into the saddle for the second 15.

5.Warm down with 15 minutes of gentle spinning.

Tim’s tips: “Don’t go too fast on the blocks of two minutes – it’s important that you feel fresh for the fast stuff at the end. If you’ve got tri–bars, do the longer reps on those, keeping your upper body nice and relaxed and still.”

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