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daily post: Who’s the one person who you hope isn’t reading your blog?

I thought this was really a no brainer, so I had a look at some other posts. Many said the same as I was going to say: no-one!

Blog is short for WEBLOG and by its very nature it is a public domain. Some people prefer to be incognito, and that’s absolutely fine, however, from the start of my blog I put my name in the title.

The history

Originally I started it because everyone seemed to have one, I felt like I was missing out. At first it didn’t really have a direction and felt a bit like a public ‘diary’. I knew it was online, so it was always written with that in mind. It’s evolved over the years, and now I talk about sport, myself, my journey, and all sorts of things. I gave myself a blog schedule a while back, to keep me on track, and decided this year to become part of ‘postaday‘.

Sometimes I use the daily prompt, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how I feel. On the most part I stick to my schedule, hoping to share real life stories, training tips, recipes, and health related information.

To that end, there isn’t anyone that I wish wasn’t reading the blog: the more the merrier!

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