Nomadic life: the importance of a base


daily prompt: if you could live a nomadic life, would you?

Events over the past month have proved to me how important a network of friends are, as well as family.

When I moved to New Zealand, setting up home all from scratch without anyone’s help was much harder than I ever imagined. the friendly supportive people of Southland kept me sane and helped stop me from leaping straight back on a plane to the UK.

When mum died this month, both my sister and I spoke about our Dad coming to live near us. Again, he reminded me how important a base and a network for friends are. He didn’t want to have to start all over again in a new area. Gosh, I can relate to that. A new area is one thing, a whole new country is quite another, specially going it alone.

Although travelling is nice, broadens your horizons and lets you see the world, I like my supportive network of friends and family, that I can call on if I need them.

I cannot imagine always being on the move, never really having anywhere to call home.

Would I be a nomad? No thanks!

Would you, if you could?

6 Comments on “Nomadic life: the importance of a base

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