After the storm, the rainbow…


This is another verse that I found in mum’s little book of quotes. I don’t know if she has got this from somewhere, written it herself, or perhaps a combination. Either way its a beautiful piece of writing that I wanted to share with you.

After the storm the rainbow…

After the night the dawn. Have you ever noticed how, after storms the world seems so wonderfully new, as if everything that is unlovely has been swept away, leaving only that which is clean and bright and beautiful? That’s the way it is with storms that occur in our lives. At the time, the tempest is raging it is easy to focus on the turmoil but when we focus on that which is good and believe with all our hearts, the end of the storm comes more quickly and we find serenity and a deeper appreciation of life.

I believe that you’re the kind of person who has the inner strength to walk through a storm filled with hope for the future, it if you need someone to walk with you, someone to hold the lighted candle and illuminate e darkness until your own light can shine again, please remember that I will be here for you and I will be holding your close in friendship because I know that it is going to be your turn to shine again soon, just as sure as the dawn follows the night.

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