Mirror mirror what do I see? A shadow looking over me

imageDaily post when I look in the mirror I…..

See my mother’s faint image. She is standing behind me. She is mouthing something that I cannot quite make out.

She looks happy and peaceful. I ask her was she watching yesterday, as we read the tribute at her funeral. She nods, and smiles. I hope that means that she was proud of us, and approved of our summary of her amazing life, and all the wonderful things that she did.

I imagine her, looking over my shoulder, reassuring me, a gentle hand on my shoulder. Her proud smile will stay with me, as she looks down on me from heaven from now on.

It reassures me. She tells me its ok, she knows. Everything I have been worried about these last few days, she knows, it’s ok. I can rest in the knowledge that she is shining down on me from above, my new angel.

6 Comments on “Mirror mirror what do I see? A shadow looking over me

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  5. So sorry for your loss. I know the things your mother told you and the love she had for you will stay with you throughout your life.


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