Social Network savvy?

social networksI saw this in the Daily Mail and it made me think about all the issues we now have with social networks. Are they a good thing? 

Teachers think they are the bane of their life: kids are confused because there seems to be no rules from which they can follow, and we hear about people getting in trouble all over the place. 

There’s a few thoughts that I have on the whole subject:

  • No, you cannot say what you like on social networks, even if you think that you are anonymous. 
  • No, it is not completely safe, you need to be aware of the personal information that you are putting out there, opening a whole new avenue for a new style of savvy criminal. 
  • Children are more at risk, as people can hide behind all sorts of personas
  • yes, there can be good things about social networks, for example staying in contact with friends around the world, but you also have to be wise, and safe 
  • Unless you have met someone face to face, you cannot really say they are a ‘friend’.

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts too!


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