Compulsory kids scooter helmets?

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Here in New Zealand it is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Lots of people in the UK seem to think this would put people off riding bikes. If New Zealand is anything to go by, that’s utter rubbish. 

I have seen with my own eyes, little old ladies on their bike to the shops, helmet on. People who are riding total sheds of a bike, helmet on, kids going to school, helmets on, everyone. I have seen a rare few without, but as a rule, its life as normal, while wearing a helmet.

But, there’s a new law that’s on its way in, that kids on little scooters should have to wear helmets too, as a compulsory measure.

How do we feel about that?

Well, to be honest, if the bike helmets are anything to go by, I think why not? It doesn’t seem to have stopped very many people so far, from cycling, so why would it stop kids from using scooters?

Wouldn’t everyone just be a little bit safer?

It seems even Kiwis are starting to think helmets should also not be compulsory. Has everyone gone mad?

One Comment on “Compulsory kids scooter helmets?

  1. Hello Melanie, it’s about 21 years since I visited New Zealand, as I recall the locals were concerned about the possibility of shops being open on Saturdays and how this would affect family life. I’m not so sure how easy it is to gauge a response to this issue with that thought in mind.

    There was always stigma attached to wearing a helmet for cycling to school when I was a kid. At that time my school didn’t encourage the usage of them either. Now it’s a more common sight to see kids in the local parks or out and about in town wearing helmets. It’s good that people in general are more ok with it.

    I can only speak in terms of the UK but I certainly think that playgroups, schools and after school groups do more to encourage the wearing of safety gear, not just when kids are under their supervision but on the journey there and back.

    It’s good to see scooter manufacturers bundling helmets with scooters as an example.

    Whilst the wearing of helmets could be enforced there’s still the need to make sure people are wearing them correctly. Despite seeing plenty of kids out and about with helmets on there’s still plenty that have them too loose or not even doing up the straps. There should be some degree of responsibility from the retailers to ensure that helmets are fitted and stored correctly and that even a slight knock can damage the helmet compromising it. Also the fact that a loose fitting helmet is possibly more likely to cause an accident in itself. By forcing the wearing of helmets but not necessarily ensuring they’re worn correctly is it truly helping the situation?

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