Carry on, whatever the weather!


I was wondering what to write about today, when I saw this. It sums up how I have been feeling lately!

I have been training a lot lot less than usual due to a lot of stuff happening in real life (namely The move to New Zealand!) That plus the knee op and sufficed to say I am rather unfit right now, I think it’s rather good that I moved to the middle of winter – I bought me and my knee some extra time!

I found out this week that with a permanent residency visa, I can qualify for and compete for Nee Zealand! How very exciting! It gives me a new focus again, as I was lacking in a bit of a purpose in my training.

I thought about all this for a while, saw this picture, and it all fell into place. I have been wondering how on earth I can get the running back, post knee op. I almost felt like giving up. Understandable? But not exactly correct. Think for a minute, Mel.

I qualified for GB in 2009 having never swam, biked or run a step. If I can do it once, I certainly can get it back again.

Never Give up, focus on your goal, remember what you can achieve and GO FOR IT!

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