Tough day at the office: training fail? Training success?

babys-bad-daySufficed to say that training didn’t exactly go to plan today. I was due at the track at 6pm. They lend bikes, but there are only two with larger gears and you have to be there early. I was faced with a decision: get there early, and miss food out, or have a quick bite to eat and possibly be late. I chose early. 

Possibly mistake number 1. 

I got the bike I was after, but the jury is out on whether the gearing is actually an 89. I seemed to spin out my legs quite a lot, and felt like I was working bloody hard and the train was still flying right past. Some more experienced riders questioned whether it was in fact an 89. 

I became very quickly dejected. I felt like I was getting nowhere. Cycling round for an hour on your own is bloody hard for a start, not to mention boring. I stopped, sat, took the helmet off and almost went home all together. 

But, Rome was not built in a day now, was it. I climbed back on. How does one get faster? One must get out of one’s comfort zone, forget the 90 cadence and move ‘dem legs more.  I set off again. The train was still motoring past me, but a smaller train number two had broken off. I could  see them up ahead. With some lung busting effort, I got on the back of them. It was no breeze staying there though, it takes concentration to ride on the wheel of someone, not to mention someone you don’t know, and a skill you haven’t practiced that much. I managed to stay there, for several laps and 5-6 switch overs. Then i began to lose  them again. I was trying my hardest to hang on when past came another rider on a borrowed bike too, and while telling me I should work harder, cut me right off forcing me off  the track to avoid a collsion. Dammit. I stopped. I almost got off and left again. I have not got a firm grip on the rules, but I am sure that is not allowed, in race conditions. I decided to get back on the back of the group, and show that toe rag a thing or two!

In the end, I did quite a lot of solo riding, I bust my @ss and rode to my max. So much so, I had a cough I would relate to exercise induced asthma, something I used to suffer from regularly till a few years back when I did a powerbreathe trial, and it seemed to be cured.  

I must have worked hard then for sure. 

I couldn’t keep up, and this doesn’t sit well with me, but: 

  • I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime
  • Its not my bike, and therefore not set up for me, no cleat shoes, not the right gear, bla bla bla
  • I have in fact only been doing this for a few weeks. give yourself a break Mel. 
  • I did in fact work my hardest and do my best. That is all I can ask of myself. 
  • I did not quit, and climbed back on to keep fighting twice within that hour. 

Go me!

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