Muddy Buddy 2013

IMG_5054I got a text message on Friday from someone I know, Asking did I want to make up a team of four for a ‘muddy buddy’ race on Sunday. Normally, no chance, but I have done Tough Mudder, it can’t be as tough as that surely!! Plus, it could be fun, and a way to meet some more locals. I had to consider what I would wear, I only have two pairs of regular trainers with me! I was assured that this was a fun run, not a ‘race’ so I was to stop worrying about it! 

I decided to wear the trainers that I use for knocking about in, I didn’t want to trash my running shoes! I bought some black laces and double laced them over the elastic laces in there already, bagged the running shorts, black socks and underwear and skins, and I was ready… oh and a LOT of carrier bags and some extra layers! 

I wasn’t going to wear the Tough Mudder T shirt, but the looks it was getting made me want to keep it on! This was the first race of its kind in Southland, and it proved to be popular. It was organised by a local school as a fund raiser, and they did good for a first time! I was making up an adult team who were mostly made up of people who knew each other from a local scout group. They had three youth teams too, and you had the option of doing one lap (2km), 2 laps or 3 laps. One of the youth teams had a girl with downs syndrome who was afraid of mud! She made it though!! 

Only having tough mudder to compare it to, I found this one quite easy (naturally!) It was WAY shorter, there was no where near as much mud and the obstacles were smaller, often not needing a team effort to get through them. Oh, and there was no electricity involved – phew! In Tough mudder, even the gaps between the obstacles were at least ankle deep clag! Don’t get me wrong, there was enough mud here too, but I adopted the minimalist approach, as I always do for winter races, shorts and skins: less cloth to get clagged up with mud and hold water! That’s why I look cleaner at the end than the others – they all wore long tights and long socks! 

Obstacles included huge hay bales, river crossings, bog walks, cargo crawl nets, tube crawls (one waist deep!) and the mud slide to finish. Often you needed the well placed ropes, in order to get up the muddy banks and out of the gulleys! The fire brigade hoses at the end were supposed to be the ‘shower’… it was fun but it didn’t really help!! Hahaha 

Great little event, which took place at a rural farm, with registration in the sheep shed! Food and drink available afterwards, but they seriously underestimated the volume of people! 

More obstacles next time, including more team style obstacles and it would simply get better and better!

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