Always something to gain

IMG_4750I went to the track this evening. This is the structured technique training session but this week was quite a contrast to past weeks: there was only three of us. One lady was a beginner who was much slower, and the other a lady I knew from the Tuesday sessions who is a bit quicker. 

The task set was to learn to ride close to the wheel. Christine the faster lady must have thought uuuurgh!! But, after deliberately riding as a group, the slower lady bowed out leaving just Christine and I. even though I got one of the only two bikes with a bigger gear on it, I was still spinning my legs more than CHristine, but I was determined to stay with her. It becomes a struggle to keep the pace after a while when you are on a smaller gear. After a while she started to get away from me. Normally – like yesterday when I had a tiny gear and no hope at all, I would give up. Today I decided that would not get me anywhere, and I would attempt to stay with her. It was a huge effort to bridge the small gap, and then a constant effort to stay with her. She peeled up for me to take the front and I had nothing left, so she had to stay on the front. For the next ten minutes, we lapped the track, and I was busting my ass simply to stay on her wheel, but I was not letting her get away! I really need to remember that if you want to go faster on a track bike, you need to turn your legs faster, its as simple as that! No nice comfortable cadence here!!

I DID IT!! She didn’t get away, I managed to hang onto her, much to my surprise, but I must have looked like I had busted my ass, because when I stopped I was asked did I need a drink!

Moral of my story?

Even if the learning task seems simple, there is ALWAYS something to learn from every  single training session. Stay focused and realise the potential of what that is!

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